Perfect for Commercial Use


Carpet tiles Perth. We have a wide selection of carpet tiles for commercial spaces. Boasting excellent aesthetic appeal, superior acoustics and outstanding durability, these quality carpet tiles are also popular for their creative looks, helping to elevate any space.

Guaranteeing durability and performance in the heaviest traffic commercial areas, carpet tiles can be installed in:

  • Healthcare
  • Retail fit outs
  • Administration and office environments
  • Conference centres
  • Education facilities and schools
  • And more

Our team of installers can install your carpet tiles in any commercial or residential space large or small.

Below are some of our carpet tile range:


Easy to install

Carpet tiles are incredibly easy to install and they require no professional help. They are glued down with a pressure sensitive glue. Replacing tiles is easy, you simply pull up the old tile and replace with a new one. The ease of installation carpet tiles offer is certainly the number one benefit that they have to offer.

Low maintenance

Carpet tiles require very low maintenance. Even in high traffic areas. A tile can also be taken out, cleaned and put back into place without any hassles. Regular vacuuming is all that is required to keep carpet tiles looking new. For the inevitable spill, the affected area can simply be treated with a mild detergent or an absorbent sponge. This makes carpet tiles the purfect choice for commercial use.

Design flexibility

The design flexibility offered by carpet tiles is unmatched. Carpet tiles can be mixed and matched to create a unique look in any space. Carpet tiles are also small in size – typically smaller than 1 square meter and can be installed on a quarter turn basis. If you are using the same tile in a large area you can turn tiles to create a pattern, this very effective in a large area.


Give your home or commercial property a face lift with Carpets by Design

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